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December 7, 2012

VANCOUVER, B.C. - Precision Human Development (PHD) is very excited to announce our new partnership with TELUS Sourcing Solutions (TSSI).

PHD, a talent selection company based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, will be providing the Assessment Science behind TSSI's new "Predictive Talent Assessments", a solution designed to help their customers be more accurate, informed and efficient when making decisions about talent.

"We are thrilled to partner with TSSI, a world class technology brand", says Dr. Marty Shoemaker, President of Precision Human Development. " We believe that TELUS' cutting edge technology and expertise in both recruitment and talent management process redesign, coupled with PHD's customized selection tests and empirically derived position benchmarks will allow us to deliver a solution that is one of the best approaches on the market today."

As a result of our new partnership, employers and HR professionals will now have the tools, science and expertise that will help them to identify candidates both pre-hire and for succession with the attributes and competencies for success, with a potentially dramatic impact on their employer brand and bottom line.

TELUS Sourcing Solutions (TSSI) is a leading provider of cost effective Human Resources solutions for complex HR, payroll and Talent Management needs. Precision Human Development (PHD) is a leader in selection science and assessment instruments customized for each position and location.

For more information about our collective technologies visit contact us at or visit

November 1, 2012

PRECISION HUMAN DEVELOPMENT (PHD) is very pleased to announce our 10TH year operation and anniversary of business success helping company's brand and bottom line. SELECTION in our opinion is a SCIENCE not an art. PHD at it's onset believed in empirical evidence when hiring and succession planning. So for 10 years we have been using our own selection instruments with PREDICTIVE STATISTICS to customize pre- and post- hire talent management solutions for our clients.

After building a million dollar hiring website application in 2001-2002 with data collection only on CANADIAN based servers, PHD developed it's own proprietary PREDICTIVE TALENT ASSESSMENTS including the SURE, DRAP and our one of a kind TALENT MANAGEMENT SUITE. These instruments paired with our custom BENCHMARKING of your successful employees, has established one of the most scientific talent management solution available on the market today. 10 years + of client ROI data has proven this system can not only enhance your brand by using the most current and fair selection system but impact your bottom line.

When we started 10 years ago, the world was reeling from 9/11 and organizations were facing significant talent shortages by retiring BOOMERS and fewer University graduates with the important skills. PHD knew that only the companies that could recruit, shift through and match applicants with evidenced-based BENCHMARKS would hire the best and build a competitive advantage. We dedicated ourselves to this value proposition and our numerous clients in North America have attested to the significant value of our methods and services. Very few companies will PRE-VALIDATE and UPDATE your empirically derived BENCHMARKS like we do and this is what makes us different. Your selection process will be accurate and remains scientific as your company's talent needs change. This has been our unique offering for 10 years and it has been proven with a number of research studies.

We are PROUD, PLEASED and POISED to continue this service solution to meet your talent management challenges. In an industry clogged with thousands of tests and "descriptive" reports, you can choose our "PREDICTIVE" assessment solution to develop the accuracy, efficiency and adaptability your will need to build and maintain your competitiveness by hiring only quality people. Contact us at to get started today!.

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