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Large Auto Dealership ROI

Client Company: #1 Ranked Auto Dealership in Southern California; Ranked #21 in US Dealership Sales

Challenge: Improve the caliber of salespeople throughout the organization & increase overall sales revenues

Data collected from the organization's existing sales staff were used to create the customized sales benchmarks. Sales personnel were only required to complete a brief 10 minute online survey that measures a range of important competencies. Once collected, the employee competency data were evaluated along with actual sales performance data and company performance requirements for the position. The analysis, and subsequent sales benchmarks, very clearly identified the competencies that would be needed for high volume sales as well as those associated with less desirable levels of performance. Individuals applying for sales positions within this organization complete the 10 minute survey and their suitability is determined instantly for the company hiring managers.

This organization has utilized their company-specific sales benchmarks for six years thus far. Use of the tools has required no dramatic change to their hiring procedures. They have simply added the 10 minute competency surveys as an additional step in the hiring process.

After six years of using the PHD system:

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