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For more information about PHD performance solutions, call us Toll-Free 1-877-HIRE-PHD (447-3743).

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Hiring - Maximize Hiring Accuracy & Streamline The Hiring Process
PHD's hiring solutions are 100% tailored to your organization's specific performance requirements. Hiring accuracy and your Return On Investment are maximized with the use of Performance Benchmarks that can be used for applicant pre-screening or selection confirmation. Your company-specific hiring benchmarks are created using behavioral and other relevant competency and performance data collected from your workforce and directly linked with your crucial job outcomes and performance requirements. Use of the hiring system will also provide you with a means to streamline and accelerate your hiring process.

Professional Development - Help Improve Employees Skills
Continual investment in employee personal development is essential for creating a positive work environment keeping happy employees. PHD can evaluate the competencies of your current employees, identify potential deficits that may exist, and provide solutions and resources to help enhance any areas that require improvement.

Succession Planning & Employee Development - Enterprise-Wide & World Wide
PHD's hiring platform includes a Succession Planning system that can be configured for local, regional, national or international usage and is available to clients at no additional cost. As with our hiring system, the Succession Planning tool's effectiveness stems from the development and application of company-specific performance/competency benchmarks for gauging the suitability of employees for promotion or relocation. This tool will enable you to create an invaluable employee competency and performance database that can be updated and reviewed at any time.

Strategic HR - Identify Competencies, Drive Performance, Reduce People Expenses
Using the tools and methodologies outlined above, clients have the unique capability of identifying the competencies needed for success in a given position, at any location and at any given time in the organization's development. The Strategic HR applications of our Performance Management system also allow clients to develop specific models to improve performance or productivity in positions or reduce human capital challenges present in positions. Current Customers have achieved a significant ROI using these applications.

Transportation Risk Management Solutions - Innovative Technologies To Prevent Mental Fatigue-Related Incidents & Identify Potential High-Risk Vehicle Operators
PHD and Global Fatigue Management (formerly Shiftwork Solutions) have joined forces to leverage their considerable expertise in employee assessment and the prevention of mental fatigue-related incidents. This partnership has produced a Transportation Risk Management Program that is, quite likely, unique in the world. We are now able to provide transportation companies and/or their insurers with a 6-point program of tools and services that include : driver risk assessment profiling and benchmarking; real-time driver fatigue monitoring; fatigue analyses to identify high-risk vehicle operators; shiftwork risk assessments; driver fatigue awareness and sleep hygiene training; and online fatigue analysis for accident investigations.

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