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Transportation Solutions

PHD Services

DRIVER RISK ASSESSMENT PROFILING & BENCHMARKING Identify low vs. high-risk vehicle operators by assessing their behavioral characteristics, stress tolerance, risk-taking inclinations, impulsiveness, professional driver attitude and other important "human" safety factors using PHD 's D-RAP (Driver Risk Assessment Profile). Use D-RAP to gauge job suitability and potential driver risk before making any offer of employment or use it to assign drivers to a role for which their risk level is best suited. D-RAP can be completed on or offline in under 15 minutes.

Global Fatigue Management Services

DRIVER FATIGUE MONITORS The Driver Fatigue Monitor (DFM) alerts drivers of dangerous, impending fatigue an hour before a dangerous accident. The DFM plugs into the cigarette lighter and mounts easily on the dash. An audible alarm sounds when the unit detects that the driver is getting drowsy. In simple terms, it is a real-time camera & computer that detects the driver's slow eyelid closures which are an early sign of drowsiness.
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DRIVER / OPERATOR FATIGUE ANALYSIS USING FAST FAST is highly sophisticated software originally designed for military and aviation applications. This software will provide a complete fatigue analysis for an individual showing percent mental effectiveness, cognitive ability, reaction time and probability of having a lapse in attention, at any point in time.

SHIFTWORK RISK ASSESSMENTS USING FAST FAST can also provide a fatigue analysis of a shiftwork pattern. This allows various shiftwork patterns to be compared to determine which shiftwork pattern provides the least fatigue for workers.

DRIVER FATIGUE AWARENESS & SLEEP HYGIENE TRAINING A course designed to help managers and vehicle operators manage fatigue more effectively. Participants learn practical techniques like scheduling wheel time that is in tune with human biorhythms. Operators will also learn how to detect the early signs of drowsiness as well as how to get rest without decreasing productivity or increasing drive times.

ACCIDENT INVESTIGATIONS Any comprehensive accident investigation should include an analysis of whether fatigue may have played a role. By inputting information about work scheduling into FAST, we are able to determine the likely mental fatigue state of the operator at the time of the accident or incident. This is an Internet-based service that is available to accident investigators.

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