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PhD Assessment Tools


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Contact a Performance Management Specialist for a complimentary demo of accuracy and ROI.

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For more information about PHD performance solutions, call us Toll-Free 1-877-HIRE-PHD (447-3743).

Strategic HR
Identify Competencies, Drive Performance, Reduce People Expenses

Identify Position & Organizational Competencies
Use PHD technology to audit the performance and competency requirements for almost any position in the organization at any given time in your organization's development.

As you create customized performance models for positions, the technology will identify the competencies required of employees and applicants to perform at levels that you or your organization specify. With this information you can better tailor your recruiting procedures to more precisely target and identify the right class of applicants. You can also use this information to tailor training to employees who are lacking or deficient in some competencies. Or use it to re-deploy them to roles where their unique competencies are better suited.

As the economy or your organization changes, re-visit your performance models at any time and determine precisely what competencies are needed for a given position, at a given location, region, or country.

Target Positions for Performance Improvement or Human Capital Cost Reductions
PHD technology was specifically designed to make the concept of the HR Profit Center a reality. In addition to its uses for applicant pre-screening and succession planning, PHD technology can be used as a strategic problem solving tool or as a means to improve performance or productivity in positions.

Use the technology to find out which competencies and character qualities are contributing to under-performance or challeges such as turnover, absenteeism, excessive benefit utilization, conflict, poor employee safety, driver accidents and many others. Then create specific performance models to hire or promote individuals who possess the competencies needed to perform at the required levels and who will not be predisposed to the challenge(s) that were historically present in a given position.

Many current customers are using our technology in this way to improve efficiencies in positions and reduce human capital overhead. For an investment, in some cases, of less than $5000 a year, clients have achieved a return on investment 100 times that amount.

No specialized training or certification is required to use PHD's hiring technologies. A brief web tour is all that is required to start using the system. Clients can be set up, trained and using the platform the same day a request is made to use the system. Contact Us today to learn more.

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