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Contact a Performance Management Specialist for a complimentary demo of accuracy and ROI.

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For more information about PHD performance solutions, call us Toll-Free 1-877-HIRE-PHD (447-3743).

Succession Planning
Succession Planning & Employee Development - Enterprise-Wide & World Wide
PHD's Succession Planning system is available at no additional cost to any client who uses the Performance Benchmarking hiring system.

This system is activated anytime an organization creates two or more position benchmarks. Hiring managers have the capability to call up the competency data for any employee in their performance database and measure the individual's suitability against the performance requirements of one or many position benchmarks.

Our Succession Planning system can be configured for local, regional, national or global usage. A variety of reporting options, both quantitative and descriptive competency reports, are generated immediately once a candidate has been selected from the database.

The reporting features of this system also provide organizations with a means to generate career pathing or development reports for new hires. New hires can, at no additional cost, receive reports showing postions in the organization with which their competencies may be best aligned as well as those where there is little or no alignment at a given time. As the roles and responsibilities of positions change and/or as performance benchmarks are updated or revised, employees can easily have their suitability for positions reassessed.

No specialized training or certification is required to use PHD's hiring technologies. A brief web tour is all that is required to start using the system. Clients can be set up, trained and using the platform the same day a request is made to use the system.

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