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People Placement - Maximize Hiring Accuracy With Company & Position-Specific Benchmarking
Many objective measures of success can be distributed along a continuum that forms a normal distribution curve as depicted above. One side of the midpoint (median or 50th percentile) will contain values that are preferred over their counterparts on the opposite side of the curve.

In general, individuals who are most successful one year will continue to perform at better-than-average levels on repeated evaluations, and the opposite is true for the less successful, as well. The consistency of performance over time indicates that success is not accidental or random. Indeed: Success is caused by attributes or competencies that are possessed by certain members of the group and possessed in lesser amounts, or not at all, by other members of the group.

When true causes of important outcomes can be identified, the predictive co- relationships between particular attributes and those outcomes can be reduced to mathematical equations, or benchmarks. Benchmarks, in turn, become invaluable customized tools for selecting and promoting employees and ensuring that you are maximizing your chances of hiring to the preferred side of the performance continuum.

PHD's unique hiring technology will allow you to quickly and easily create custom performance benchmarks that identify highly specific sets of competencies associated with both success and under-performance as opposed to a more general class of traits measured by most industry tools which have little predictive accuracy. Benchmarks are created once employees have completed a brief, 15 minute survey measuring a range of important competencies and once relevant performance data have been collected that are directly tied to the specific performance objectives for a position. Before using the benchmarks, PHD, whenever possible, will validate them and in the process demonstrate their accuracy and enable you to calculate your expected Return On Investment: all before you set out to screen applicants.

PHD's hiring solutions are suitable for small, medium or large organizations. The system can also be interfaced with many ATS or Human Capital Management platforms.

People Placement - Streamline & Accelerate Your Hiring Process

PHD's Performance Benchmarking platform offers more than the ability to significantly improve hiring accuracy, the quality of hires or the ability to target positions for performance improvement or problem resolution. Our platform also provides the means to create a comprehensive applicant and employee competency database that includes features to track employee performance over time.

The traditional time required to shortlist candidates can also be significantly reduced when the system is deployed as a pre-screening tool. Candidates can be surveyed earlier in the hiring process and hiring managers are provided with real-time reports that rank candidates from most to least suitable. If effective pre-screen mechanisms are already in place, PHD hiring benchmarks can be utilized selectively near the end of the hiring process to confirm the suitability of short-listed candidates or the final hiring decisions.

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