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PhD Assessment Tools


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For more information about PHD performance solutions, call us Toll-Free 1-877-HIRE-PHD (447-3743).

Professional Development
Continuos Employee Improvement

Precision Human Development (PhD) has two especially constructed instruments to highlight an employee's strenghts, deficits and resources for improvement. They include our Workforce PRO-D, and the Merit Profile Development Report.

The Workforce PRO-D is based on a survey of Best Practices and Competencies. In the Results section the test taker is compared to selected norms for the position or the company. At the end of each report suggestions are listed depending on level of the competency. These include ways to improve by self directed learning such as webinars, podcasts, readings or coaching suggestions.

Click here to see a Workforce PRO-D Sample Report

The Merit Profile Developmental Report (link to descripton of the Merit) identifies results on a number of Character Competencies, Attitudes and Committments. The Results section outlines all scores that are above or below the norm. In the below the norm section, suggestions are made for improvement and how the organization can assist this employee in each deficit area.

Click here to see a Merit Profile Development Sample Report

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