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SURE Profile
After eliminating unqualified job seekers, often the most difficult task in selecting a new employee is not determining which candidates are the most technically qualified, but which candidates are the best fit for a position. In some cases, the most technically qualified and knowledgeable proved to be the least dependable or affect the work environment in a negative capacity for those around them. The SURE™ personality survey has been designed to assess those characteristics that are most critical in a position's most highly valued employees and help you hire people like them.

Like some other personality surveys, the SURE™ breaks down personality in to 4 major traits: Dominance, Extroversion, Patience, and Conformity (see sample survey to view definitions).
Many other surveys rely on the "basic four" character profiles to determine hiring fit. Although these major traits have some predictive value, they alone are not the best indicators in determining performance and other essential job aspects such as tenure, workplace cohesiveness, tenacity, and initiative. Even within one personality type, there may be successful and unsuccessful subtypes. It is not the personality type but specific characteristics within that personality that have proven to be the key to success or failure.

When the SURE™ survey is used in conjunction with PhD's benchmarking technology, it allows you to discover which personality aspects are most critical and work best in a particular position based your current employees and your specific environment. The SURE™ survey can be completed in less than 10 minutes both online and offline and will be available immediately after the survey is submitted. When used to prescreen candidates before applying skills tests, interviews, and references, the SURE ™ benchmark score will provide you hiring confidence that you are hiring the best based on one or multiple hiring criteria. For more information, please contact us.

Click here to view a SURE sample report

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