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PhD Assessment Tools


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Contact a Performance Management Specialist for a complimentary demo of accuracy and ROI.

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For more information about PHD performance solutions, call us Toll-Free 1-877-HIRE-PHD (447-3743).

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How do you decide? When the resumes have been reviewed and the interviews and reference checks have been completed, and you are left with a pool of "seemingly" qualified candidates, how do you make the right choice?

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At this point, can we only roll the dice and hope for the best? The stakes are high in this talent management game. The decisions that you make today will impact your organization s ability to generate revenue, control expenses, and remain competitive tomorrow. How can you reduce the potential for error and gain greater control over ad-hoc decisions? By making more of your decisions data-driven using the Workforce Talent Management Suite.

In business and the sciences, decisions based on intuition or experience, alone, are proving unable to compete with those that incorporate data-analytic methods. The Workforce Talent Management Suite was designed, specifically, as a data-based decision making system for HR and talent management applications. From pre-employment screening to succession planning, professional development to employee risk management, the Workforce Suite employs sophisticated data analytics to help ensure that you make the right decision more often. The stakes are high and organizations now, more than ever, need to utilize every competitive advantage at their disposal.

Workforce Pro-D™

Workforce ProD™ is a multi-purpose assessment and professional development tool designed to be used with new hires and your existing workforce. It has three components:

  1. a customizable, professional best practices assessment
  2. a comprehensive competency assessment measuring up to 30 job-specific character and behavior competencies 3 recommended professional development resources.
For the employees themselves, Workforce ProD™ is designed to help them do four things:
  1. identify personal and business-related strengths and development areas.
  2. discover how their unique profile compares to others in their particular job category.
  3. create a professional development plan by drawing upon the recommended educational resources that are provided in the report.
  4. evaluate their professional development over time by re-taking the Workforce ProD™ Survey periodically and comparing past reports with their most current report.

Workforce ProD™ is also available online and can be completed in 20 - 30 minutes.

Click here to view a Workforce Pro-D sample report

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