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For more information about PHD performance solutions, call us Toll-Free 1-877-HIRE-PHD (447-3743).

Merit Profile Recruit

The Merit Profile™ is character and behavioral survey based on Dr. Ron Jenson's MAXIMIZERS ™ competencies (see sample report for definitions) that has been validated for over 15 years and in 50 countries. These principles provide insight into the character of potential hire or current employee in any work environment and allows you to determine if an individual is well suited is a "culture fit" for your company's environment.

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Each individual can be described in terms of Attitudes, Beliefs, and Commitments. Attitudes determine a person's pattern of emotion and behaviour which are indications of their mental state and disposition. Beliefs determine a person's opinions and ideological base which provide a basis for motivation for behaviour. Commitments determine a person's actions based on their Attitudes and Beliefs. These three aspects provide a vital insight into how a person will or does interact and operate within your company.

The Merit Profile Recruitment Report will allow you to assess if a job seeker is well suited for your environment. Used in conjunction with PhD's benchmarking technology, Merit will greatly improved your ability to predict if a candidate will be successful within your company. The Merit Profile™ survey can be completed in less than 15 minutes online and will be available immediately after the survey is submitted. If a candidate is hired, the same survey, with a small additional cost, can be used to generate the Merit Profile Development Report. For more information, please contact us. The Merit Profile survey can be completed on or offline in less than 15 minutes.

Click here to view a Merit Recruit sample report

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